Santo Maris Oia
Santo Maris Oia
Santo Maris Oia
Santo Maris Oia
Santo Maris Oia


The spa’s facial treatments feature a large variety of hydration, glow and anti-ageing therapies that combine massages and special ointments for the perfect revitalising remedy.

The full body treatments are world-class and offer the best variety, quality and results you can hope for.

Unwind your senses with different and special options, from cleansing “deep scrub” therapies and hot stones to different detox wraps with special oils and ointments for the best skin care.

Cryotherapy, a sauna and a steam bath are also available at the Spa for all guests of Santo Maris Oia.

Private therapy sessions are available at the Spa villa with two comfortable luxury therapy beds which guests can book in advance.

The Spa and the Spa villa have a relaxing atmosphere where guests can feel rejuvenated with all of our special treatments. Plus, the luxurious bathtubs and heated indoor swimming pool at 80 m2 are ideal places to let everything go.

Our spacious spa is over 300 m2 and gives guests another chance to immerse themselves in the truly peaceful surroundings of Santorini.


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