Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites and Spa
Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa


Here at Santo Maris Oia Anassa Spa, we value and embrace a holistic philosophy that roots back to the wellness ideologies of Greece’s most admirable medical practitioners. A holistic approach is based on the concept that you don’t just treat the symptom but seek the actual source of the problem and offer therapy to the person as a whole. In all aspects of our hotel - from the architectural layout with its abundant, herbaceous gardens, mesmerizing pools and harmonious, yet hip indoor decor to our health-conscious menus and of course at our Anassa Spa, our ultimate goal is to create a rewarding holistic experience of wellbeing for our guests.

Our Anassa Spa offers a variety of intelligent and lovingly created health packages that can range from one to three days in duration. You can choose amongst the Detox, Nutrition, Longevity and Mediterranean package to enhance the experience of your holiday and luxurious stay, by simultaneously boosting your levels of rejuvenation, balance, inner peace and overall health. Each of our packages includes a physical training program (with workouts centered on Pilates, muscular strength, aerobic fitness and more) and a variety of holistic therapies. If you opt for one of our packages, you are also granted full access to our spa’s beautiful wet area - the pool, sauna, steam room and the invigorating cryotherapy room. Each package is combined with a special, expertly formulated nutritional menu that is designed around the specific package you select.