Santo Maris Oia
Santo Maris Oia
Santo Maris Oia
Santo Maris Oia
Santo Maris Oia


With such little rainfall and abundant levels of sunshine the whole year round, the island is the perfect setting for Greece’s viniculture and boasts some of the finest vineyards and wines in Europe.

Wines flourished in the ancient Greek and Roman time, but actually left its mark once the Venetian Italian influence began to stamp its presence during the medieval period.

The volcanic soil of the island makes all the vines that grow here immune to phylloxera and other blights, producing some of the region’s most naturally resistant vines with roots that run deep and in some cases stretching back centuries ago. 

Sweet wines with a healthy alcoholic content derived from the indigenous Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani white grapes that form the basis of Santorini’s world-class wine produce today.
The Santorini, Nykteri and Vinsanto are three indigenous wines and offer their own particular delights.

The Vinsanto is made with an ancient winemaking tradition that was used throughout ancient Italy and the Mediterranean but perfected on the island. It uses only the naturally occurring sugars and acids contained in the grapes in the process to derive its antiquated taste, which take you back through the ages.

In fact, the very name of this particular type of wine came from the island itself: Vin Santo or Wine from Santo(rini), which was exported throughout the region via the boats of the Venetians, who labelled it accordingly.


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