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The island’s current form was created about 3,700 years ago by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption which blew the main body of Thera away and left the current iconic shape of the Caldera — a crescent of steep cliffs plunging into the glittering Aegean sea.

The bluffs themselves are well-worth checking out and you get an equally stunning view of them from the deck of a yacht or a catamaran. They feature an array of multi-coloured rock types that paint amazing rainbow affects onto the cliffs and detail the geological history of the island.

The stunning Red Beach is a must see. Before a backdrop of bright red rock cliffs sloping into the sea, ochre, copper and chestnut coloured sand is in equal parts fascinating and beautiful.

The spectacular White Beach should not be missed. The steep slanted cliffs hug the broad beach and offer a jaw-dropping setting for sunbathers and swimmers.

An excursion to the volcano on Nea Kameni — the heart of the island’s natural history – will leave you in the glory of geothermal pools and the views of Santorini’s cliffs at sea level will live you speechless.

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