Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites and Spa
Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa


As a newly built hotel complex located in one of the world’s most popular destinations, Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites and Spa is highly sensitive to the impact that tourism can have on the local environment and community. That’s why we have implemented a strategy founded on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability that notably contributes to the local environment, community, culture, history and ensures an ethical economy. Our strategy is based on three main focus areas Planet, People, Profit.

Sustainability Report 2018


Practising environmental Sustainability. Respecting our planet. Celebrating the magnificence of nature. Reducing the detrimental impact that we humans can have on our environment. These are all our greatest priorities. Upon arriving, you’ll come across a 300-year-old olive tree, one of the ancient Greece’s classic symbols for wisdom, that reflects how much we honour nature.

Walking around our facilities too, you’ll see endless rows of herbs, indigenous plants and flowers, while we also have our own organic food garden, used by our chef.

The hotel itself was built in a completely eco-friendly way, using traditional techniques that honour Santorini’s heritage and many of our building materials were sourced from the land itself.

We are constantly examining new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and respect the environment, and are already practising water and energy management systems, as well as waste and food management procedures.

Meanwhile the hotel is involved in local programmes that promote eco-consciousness and protection of the local biodiversity and habitats.


One of our key priorities at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa is to give back to our community in meaningful, long-standing and exciting ways. We achieve this by promoting, gaining inspiration and engaging with local culture and gastronomy, preserving and honouring customs and traditions, history and cultural heritage. Another substantial way that we support our local community is by using mostly locally-sourced produce from islands’ producers.

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa is active in sponsoring local athletics, social and cultural institutions and helps organise a variety of events that enriches the island’s community life on a multitude of levels. Via such programmes our hotel also manages to offer substantial support in terms of health and education to those in need.

Also, the majority of our associates and personnel are hired locally in order to generate more job opportunities and build a stronger economy within the local community. With 40 years of expertise in hospitality as a Group of hotels, through our top-notch training processes, not only are we ensuring that you gain the perfect service but also offering sophisticated working experiences to our employees that ensure an ongoing success in their professional career.


We know that sustainability as a key driving force offers us the sharpest competitive edge for reaching a healthy economic performance. Our “ethos” as a core value is delineated by integrity and virtue.

Our principle of goodwill is practised in every one of our transactions - monetary or other, across all the interactive members of our business. Our financial sustainability policy is applied with respect to our regulatory compliance, sustainable hotel operations, and our ethical suppliers’ trade policy.