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At ALIOS ILIOS Restaurant, gastronomy becomes art and joy. A high-end menu brings gourmet quality and views of the renowned Santorini sunset together.

In our restaurant ALIOS ILIOS, loosely translated to “the sun which rises and sets in the sea”, you can choose among our extensive breakfast and dinner menus.The wide range of flavors and treats will surely be one of your highlights during your stay with our menu and the fresh taste of hand-picked ingredients in every dish.

Serving savory specialties from Crete and the Aegean Islands, it is a gastronomic highlight of the island that it is open to all visitors.

Our flavorsome specialties are based on Cretan and Mediterranean diet philosophy, renowned as one of the best-known examples of nutritional models for its benefits to health. The Cretan cuisine is very old with one-of-a-kind character, distinguished by its ample yet luscious flavors.

Unique products and locally sourced ingredients offered from the finest sources of Crete, Santorini and the Aegean Islands are being used to compose each dish, while some notable exceptions such as the gourmet meat and champagne, are carefully chosen and arrive straight to your table from the finest sources of the Mediterranean and beyond.

Respecting our guests’ special needs and preferences, all of our dishes are flexible. Whether you prefer vegetarian or vegan menus or have any other dietary needs, our chef and our experienced team will take care of your refined taste.

From the locally-sourced gourmet Cretan diet and dazzling flavors in our salads to the traditional home-cooking with herbs from our gardens, we make sure you taste the very best of Crete and Greece during your stay.

Try our homemade desserts and don’t miss our homemade ice cream that is available every day at the restaurant.

For drinks, at our wine cellar, you can find Santorini’s famous vintages, and the best varieties of wineries across Greece, plus premium champagne alongside signature homemade cocktails.

ALIOS ILIOS Restaurant awaits all visitors to offer an extraordinary culinary experience.


Start your day with the most important meal enjoying your breakfast at Alios Ilios. Open from 08:00 until 11.00, the sumptuous breakfast buffet provides a wide variety of delicious cold and hot delicacies inspired by Greek cuisine.
ALIOS ILIOS Restaurant is awarded by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels with the certificate "Greek Breakfast".  


From 11 am to 6 pm, our snack menu, served at the pool bar, is perfect for nibbles during the day. Either you wish to try freshly squeezed fruit juices and light cocktails or a great selection of homemade snacks, salads, and courses with Mediterranean character, you will find them every day carefully prepared for you in our snack menu.  


Head east to the Romantic Bar, succumb to signature cocktails and indulge indulge all your senses with refined tastes and the view of the velvet Aegean Sea.


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